BuzzLogic Appoints Eric Larsen as Executive Vice Chairman

September 16, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 16 /PRNewswire/ — BuzzLogic, a media company that identifies and analyzes online conversations to help brands reach engaged audiences, today announced Eric Larsen as Executive Vice Chairman of its board of directors. Eric will play a significant day-to-day management role at BuzzLogic, and will be responsible for driving sales and revenue growth for the company, whose clients include some of the world’s top agencies and brands.

A former member of Young & Rubicam’s global partnership board, Larsen joins BuzzLogic after serving as President of Wunderman, the world’s largest global direct marketing agency, where he nearly doubled revenue and shaped marketing strategy for marquee clients including Ford, AT&T, Sony and Xerox.

“The addition of Eric to our team is a huge win for us – he knows the media industry inside and out and will leverage that expertise to further accelerate our media business,” said Rob Crumpler, chief executive officer, BuzzLogic. “Eric’s track record includes holding the most senior positions at the world’s biggest agencies; as BuzzLogic continues to wholly focus on building value for advertisers, Eric’s contributions will be pivotal.”

As part of his duties, Larsen will lend a hand in shaping BuzzLogic’s strategic direction as well as operational activities. Larsen will also guide BuzzLogic’s sales strategy, leading the company’s New York and San Francisco-based sales teams as they deepen existing relationships and forge new partnerships with agencies and brands.

“Conversational media represent a huge opportunity for brands, but there hasn’t been a scalable or safe way to capitalize on it until now,” said Eric Larsen. “With BuzzLogic’s unique combination of media strategy expertise and proven technology, advertisers can tap the trusted nature of peer content to move consumers from mere interest about a product or service to real action – this is advertising’s holy grail. I’m excited about the future of digital media, and BuzzLogic’s role in shaping the next generation of solutions for advertisers.”

Larsen began his career at Apple, Inc., where he led the company’s North American customer communications unit; he then went on to become the Vice President of Gateway’s global client care organization, before being recruited away by Young & Rubicam. In 2005, he joined Active International (the largest independent media company and 8th largest worldwide media organization, according to Advertising Age) as Chief Operating Officer, where he led its transformation into a diversified marketing services/business solutions company.

Over the last two years, BuzzLogic has evolved its core offering to help brands and agencies like Microsoft, PBS KIDS Sprout(SM), 360i and MediaVest more effectively reach the kind of enthusiastic audiences conversational media attract. BuzzLogic’s platform analyzes a cross section of topic, audience and social interactions to determine the most trusted, relevant environments within the social media landscape. BuzzLogic enables access to 40 million monthly unique users, who are passionate about everything from the latest consumer tech craze and cloud computing to parenthood and politics.

About BuzzLogic

Founded in 2005, BuzzLogic is a media company whose mission is to help brands more effectively reach their audiences through the power of conversational media. BuzzLogic’s solutions are powered by proprietary technology designed to surface and organize online conversations attracting the most engaged audiences. The company offers unique marketing and media opportunities designed to reach people as they actively explore online conversations tied to their personal interests.

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