September 16, 2009

Dracula’s ‘memoirs’ to be published

U.S. author R.H. Greene says he expects his book, Incarnadine: The True Memoirs of Count Dracula, to appeal to adult fans of vampire literature.

The book, largely written from the titular bloodsucker's point of view, is to be published this month.

It is being released after Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series of young-adult vampire novels and their subsequent film adaptations have become a pop-culture phenomenon. The undead-themed TV series True Blood and The Vampire Diaries have also proved popular.

But Greene said his work is different than other vampire-centric tales.

It's for grown-ups, for one thing, Greene said in a statement of the first installment in his two-part Dracula memoir. I've never read a 'Twilight' novel, but I see Robert Pattinson everywhere I look, like everybody else. It does seem a bit like we're in the Hannah Montana era of gothic fiction, doesn't it? 'Incarnadine' is hoping to reach more traditional readers -- people who will, hopefully, like having their assumptions challenged a little bit.