September 18, 2009

Special to air about Jackson VMA tribute

The U.S. cable television network MTV says it plans to air a special called The Making of Janet Jackson's Video Music Award Tribute Performance.

The program about what went into Jackson's recent televised tribute to her late brother, Michael, is to air Saturday.

To honor her brother and his illustrious career, Janet, along with her creative director, Gil Duldulao, handpicked a team of the world's most renowned choreographers, all of whom took time away from their various projects and made their way to New York City to join together for a high-energy and memorable tribute, MTV said in a release. MTV cameras were there from the first day of rehearsals in Los Angeles, Calif., to show day when Janet and her team of choreographers took to the stage for the performance of a lifetime, where they recreated one of the most unforgettable music videos ever, 'Scream.' The celebration received a standing ovation.