September 19, 2009

Cheadle starring in U.N. PSA campaign

U.S. actor Don Cheadle is the star of a new public service campaign aimed at limiting greenhouse gas emissions, the United Nations says.

The United Nations said in a release Friday the Hotel Rwanda star will appear in a series of videos directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff intended to convince world leaders to support a proposed greenhouse gas emissions treaty.

The treaty will be discussed at climate change conference scheduled to take place this year in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The series is aimed at promoting public awareness and catalyzing action at the highest and humblest level to boost the prospects for a wide-ranging and transformative agreement at a crucial U.N. climate convention meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark in less than 80 days, U.N. Environment Program Executive Director Achim Steiner said.

In addition to Cheadle, world-class violinist Midori Goto appears in the videos to call for treaty support.

Let's sign the climate petition and let our voices be heard, said Goto, a U.N. messenger of peace, in the announcements.