September 20, 2009

Rap fight in Florida ends with stabbings

Police in Palm Springs, Fla., say four men were stabbed after a fight broke out involving rappers competing at a local strip club.

Palm Springs Police Department Capt. Mark Hall told The Palm Beach (Fla.) Post that details regarding the stabbings early Saturday morning have not been determined, but all four victims did not appear to have life-threatening injuries.

We never determined who stabbed who or with what, Hall said. We looked for improvised weapons. We were not able to find broken glass or anything.

They just walked out of the club, he added regarding the victims, who were not identified.

Hall said the stabbings occurred after two competing rappers, along with two other men at the Palm Springs strip club, got into a fight for unspecified reasons.

Hall, who had been working an extra-duty detail at the club the night of the conflict, told the Post the victims were all in their 20s and all offered their signatures to refuse-to-prosecute forms.