September 20, 2009

Cast of Toronto ‘Phantom’ shows reuniting

Nearly 300 people with links to a former Toronto production of The Phantom of the Opera are set to reunite to honor its 20th anniversary, an organizer says.

Opera singer Rebecca Caine told The Toronto Star she helped organize Sunday's reunion of production cast and crew members to remember the stage production that ran for more than 10 years starting on Sept. 20, 1989.

People had such pride that event, Caine said. We should own what we did and we accomplished with that experience.

The Toronto production of Phantom earned nearly $24 million before finally shuttering on Halloween 1999.

Those wanting to join the nearly 300 Phantom cast and crew members attending Sunday's event with their guests are out of luck, Caine told the Star.

It's a private party, the singer said. Not a public event.