September 20, 2009

Police raid on gay club prompts protest

Nearly 60 protesters gathered outside of Atlanta City Hall to protest a recent police raid on a local gay nightclub, an activist says.

Community activist Mike Alvear told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Saturday's protest was intended to oppose the raid of Atlanta Eagle on Sept. 10 that resulted in 62 club patrons being detained and allegedly searched illegally.

We were mugged by the police, Alvear, 50, said at Saturday's protest. They stole our dignity the same way crooks steal our wallets.

Four dancers at the nightclub were cited for dancing without a permit, while three employees and a co-owner received citations for not having a license to run an adult business.

Police Chief Richard Pennington claimed open sex was witnessed at the nightclub by undercover officers, who also allegedly saw drug transactions take place on the premises.

The Journal-Constitution said protester David Zecca said the raid was less about drug sales than it was about homophobia.

Get rid of Pennington, Zecca, 46, said. Crime is going up, and they're more concerned with what is going on in a nightclub.