September 23, 2009

Kirk Cameron backs book giveaway

U.S. author Ray Comfort and actor Kirk Cameron say they plan to give away 100,000 copies of a new edition of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species.

Comfort and Cameron are co-hosts of the faith-themed program, Way of the Master.

The pair say their 304-page version of Darwin's book about evolution shares the gospel in an updated introduction, designed to clear up the pervasive mistake that Darwin did not believe in the existence of God.

Darwin wasn't anti-God at all. In his famous book 'Origin of Species,' Darwin refers to creation as the 'works of God,' and calls Him the 'Creator' an amazing seven times, Comfort said in a statement. We are very excited to give away 'Origin of Species' because it exposes atheistic evolution's many hoaxes and the unscientific belief that nothing created everything.

Comfort and Cameron's book giveaway at 50 U.S. university campuses is to begin Nov. 19, just days before the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwin's magnum opus.

The giveaway is also scheduled to coincide with the release of Comfort's new book Nothing Created Everything: The Scientific Impossibility of Atheistic Evolution, which went on sale Tuesday.

Cameron is best known for his work in the 1980s sit-com, Growing Pains, and for his portrayal of Buck Williams in the Left Behind movies. He also starred in last year's hit independent film, Fireproof.