GolfBallTest.org Issues White Paper on Recycled Golf Ball Performance

September 24, 2009

NEW YORK, Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ — GolfBallTest.org has released the first-ever white paper on the performance of recycled golf balls versus new golf balls. Entitled “Are Second-Hand Golf Balls a Good Choice for the Performance-Minded Golfer?”, the report identifies the relative performance differences between new golf balls and golf balls sold as the highest grade recycled product, as well as the perceptions golfers have in purchasing a recycled golf ball versus buying a new one.

“This is groundbreaking work based on rigorous testing and quantitative analysis” said Gary Esayian, Managing Partner with GolfBallTest.org. “The white paper summarizes our independent analysis of the claims of possible performance degradation in these recycled ‘lake balls’ for factors such as loss of compression, changes in weight and overall impacts on ballistics and aerodynamic performance,” said Esayian.

This independent study was conducted in order to:

  1. Determine if recycled golf balls marketed as “highest quality” or “near new” have discernable performance and playability factors versus balls purchased new at retail;
  2. Determine how performance factors may change among the reported grades for these higher grade levels of balls;
  3. Assess golfers’ perceptions of “value” from recycled versus new golf balls; and,
  4. Identify information, methods or tools that can be provided to the “golfer-as-consumer” in helping them make more informed value-for-money decisions.

“Our report addresses the question on the minds of many golfers: ‘With the opportunity to pay up to 50% off retail price, are second-hand balls a worthwhile choice?’” said Jim Campbell, Managing Partner of GolfBallTest.org. “We work with many golfers at GolfBallSelector.com who are interested not only in using recycled product to try and test various balls out there in the market, but they are also keen on the ‘green’ and cost-saving aspects of buying from high quality sources of recycled balls.”

This comprehensive study was conducted by GolfBallTest.org in association with GolfBallSelector.com. GolfBallTest.org (GBT) conducts continuous testing of leading golf balls sold primarily in the United States, utilizing swing robots and real golfers, and publishes its scientific findings at GolfBallTest.org. GolfBallSelector.com offers unbiased and independent golf ball fitting services. The results of GBT’s extensive testing are utilized in combination with a unique profiling system to identify the best golf ball for an individual player’s game. Heralded as one of the best innovations in golf, GolfBallSelector.com offers annual and 30-day membership programs for $29.95 and $19.95, respectively.

SOURCE GolfBallTest.org

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