September 24, 2009

Katie Couric to be Glamour columnist

CBS anchorwoman Katie Couric has joined Glamour magazine as a monthly columnist, editor-in-chief Cindi Leive announced Thursday.

Couric, the anchor and managing editor of TV's CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, will start her Glamour gig by interviewing First Lady Michelle Obama for the magazine's December issue, Leive said.

Couric is expected to explore in a month Q&A column what makes her female subjects so inspiring to other women and girls.

Whether she's sitting down with a head of state, a pop star or an athlete, Couric will speak with the female figures young women most want to hear from right now -- in the candid, intimate, provocative way that only she can, the magazine said in a release.

Young women in this country grew up with Katie Couric -- and her Sarah Palin interviews last year had them glued to their TV sets, Leive said in a statement. It's not just that she's a dominant figure in news to them, which she is -- it's that she has the human touch it takes to get into the personalities behind the news, and that makes her perfect for Glamour readers.