September 27, 2009

Producer: Cincy fest ‘turned a corner’

The MidPoint Music Festival in Cincinnati overcame three days of rain and organizers said the indie music event has turned a corner.

Executive Producer Dan McCabe said the three-day event, which wrapped up Saturday, had a good run, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported Sunday.

I have nothing but positive things to say about the festival, he told the newspaper. Cincinnati came out in the rain and needs to be very proud about this. It turned a corner this year. It has cut a blazing path, and I can see its future.

The newspaper said despite steady rains all three nights, good crowds materialized in most of the MidPoint venues scattered throughout downtown Cincinnati and its Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. One exception was the Cadillac Ranch club downtown, which dropped two Midpoint Fest indie rockers after the event failed to draw many takers to bar that features mechanical bulls.

Another down note was a van accident suffered by the Chicago band Scotland Yard Gospel Choir on the way to Cincinnati, in which three of the six band members were hospitalized, including one with spine fractures, the Enquirer said.