September 27, 2009

Keillor returns to the air after stroke

U.S. humorist Garrison Keillor has returned to his weekly radio show, saying he is thankful to medical personnel who helped him when suffered had a stroke.

Appearing Saturday in St. Paul, Minn. -- during his first Prairie Home Companion radio show since sustaining a minor stroke this month -- Keillor, 67, thanked the good people at the United Hospital emergency room in St. Paul and at St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester, Minn., The (Minneapolis) Star-Tribune reported Sunday.

During the show, Keillor said the fall season makes you think about mortality, and -- employing his trademark wry humor -- told a story of a man who sings flat because he had a stroke a little while ago and who had forgotten the last 20 years, leaving him permanently 37 years old.