September 28, 2009

Published Kahlo paintings may be fake

Prosecutors in Mexico say they are investigating whether hundreds of paintings featured in two books about Frida Kahlo might be fakes.

The BBC said the probe is in response to a claim filed by the late Mexican artist's estate, the Frida Kahlo Trust, regarding works featured in Finding Frida Kahlo and The Labyrinth of Frida Kahlo: Death, Pain and Ambivalence.

The Frida Kahlo Trust and several art historians said at a press conference in Mexico City the sale of the books should be suspended until the matter is resolved.

We must stop the commercialization of false works, the BBC quoted Frida Kahlo Museum director Hilda Trujillo as saying.

This will infect all the studies of Frida Kahlo with a virus and bad, inaccurate information, U.S. art expert James Oles said.