‘Little White Whys’: Book by Bachelor Is Brutally Honest View from Men Everywhere on Relationships

September 30, 2009

GREENVILLE, S.C., Sept. 30 /PRNewswire/ — You know it women: Men tell lies. They can trick you into a relationship with a man they know you want — not who he really is.

“Little White Whys: A No Nonsense Guide to the Lies Men Tell in Relationships and Why” (published by iUniverse) is the naked, honest and brutal truth told from the male perspective — that of psychiatrist and single guy I. Major. He cleverly walks the reader through every phase of a relationship and makes them aware of the myriad of lies that can be told, to help them avoid future dysfunction.

A must-read for every dating woman of any age, Major’s manual is a road map for women getting to a point where they feel lost in a relationship. “Regardless if she feels she has ever been lied to by a man or not, it is simply a matter of time before she will!” Major says. “What makes this work different is the absolute brutal nature of the honesty. I reveal things in my book that men would never dare to say to women out loud! I dare to ask women to look at their own role in the dishonesty that often happens in relationships as well.”

“Little White Whys” can help women better navigate the early warning signs that they may be dealing with in someone who’s less than honest in a relationship and help them get a firm handle on exactly where they want the relationship to go — and more importantly — not go.

About the Author

I. Major grew up in a very small town in the south and is the sixth of seven children, all born to a doting mother and father. Major always excelled academically and noticed early on that people seemed drawn to him and eager to share the intimate details of their lives, which led him in part to choose a specialty of psychiatry in medical school. He is a board-certified adult psychiatrist who specializes in children and families. Major believes there is no truer representation of a person than to see them smile, and no more noble a goal than to help someone feel happiness. Major is a young eligible bachelor with boyish good looks and disarming charm who leads an active lifestyle and thoroughly enjoys the social/dating scene. This is his first book.

“Little White Whys”

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