‘Scent of Las Vegas’ to be Revealed at SCENTworld 2009

September 30, 2009

SCARSDALE, N.Y., Sept. 30 /PRNewswire/ — Harald H. Vogt, Founder of the Scent Marketing Institute and organizer of the SCENTworld Conference & Expo, announced today that a team of leading Scent Marketing and Multi-Sensory Branding experts is collaborating to develop the “Scent of Las Vegas” which will be officially revealed at SCENTworld Conference & Expo 2009.

Top executives from the Las Vegas business community, the City of Las Vegas, and the Vegas Airport Authority are asked to assist in capturing everything that the city stands for — in a fragrance. Representatives will be present at the unveiling during a Gala Dinner on November 20th, 2009.

“SCENTworld is the only global conference on the use of fragrances for non-traditional purposes such as marketing and branding. We will make a long lasting impression on Vegas, unlike any other conference ever in the city’s history,” says Harald Vogt “for we are leaving behind the new Signature Scent of Las Vegas. It is the ideal medium to capture and transmit the soul of the city, defining it as a world-class brand.”

While the idea’s conception was a true team effort, the not-so easy creative task falls to Christophe Laudamiel, “the enfant terrible of contemporary perfumery” and the genius behind several commercial success stories for Estee Lauder, Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie & Fitch.

“The Scent of Las Vegas will add another key dimension to the powerful Vegas brand. Imagine landing at the airport and knowing just by the scent, that you’ve arrived. The powerful sense of smell will create long lasting memories which will be instantly recalled when one smells the Vegas Signature Scent,” said Steven Landau, concept co-creator, CMO and founder of ScentSational Technologies, a leading Aroma Branding and Technology development firm.

“Our goal is to show the sophistication of our industry both in it’s creative potential and it’s capability to deliver a fragrance anywhere; into a large space, on a printed page and in the consumer’s home,” says Harald Vogt. According to his organization, distribution agreements have been set up with Fusion Brands and Yankee Candle, a leading manufacturer of home fragrances.

A part of the proceeds will go to a charity yet to be named.

About SCENTworld Conference & Expo 2009

From November 19 – 21st some 500 attendees, speakers and exhibitors from around the world are expected to gather for the second annual SCENTworld conference at the Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel to share the latest marketing strategies and technological developments in scent marketing and branding. Leading Scent Marketing experts will discuss strategy and show the latest technologies available in experiential branding.

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