October 1, 2009

Coroner: MJ fairly healthy when he died

A Los Angeles Coroner's report released Thursday says superstar singer Michael Jackson was fairly healthy when he died in June at the age of 50.

The pop star's death was ruled a homicide after lethal levels of the anesthesia propofol were found in his system. His private physician is under investigation for administering the drug to Jackson in his home shortly before he died. The doctor has not, however, been charged with any crimes.

TMZ quoted the newly released autopsy report as saying Jackson was balding and suffered a skin disease, but was fairly healthy with a strong heart.

At 5-foot-9, he also weighed 136 pounds, which contradicts some reports claiming he was severely underweight, and the documents indicate the singer's stomach had no obvious signs of pills, illegal drugs or alcohol.

However, numerous needle marks were found on his body and his lungs were inflamed. Still, TMZ said the report noted none of these health issues was life-threatening.

Other revelations in the report include that Jackson had osteoarthritis, which was visible on his lower spine and fingers, and that he had dark tattoos on his eyebrows, around his eyes and on the front of his scalp.

He also reportedly had been actively producing sperm up until his death.

Whether Jackson is the biological father of the three children he left behind has been the focus of much speculation since his death.