New Approach to Leadership Development Coming to NYC October 21

October 1, 2009

NEW YORK, Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ — Joshua Ehrlich, Ph.D., will be a featured speaker at The Conference Board’s Leadership Excellence Week on October 21. Josh’s workshop entitled, “Stop – Reflect – Focus: Leadership and Learning from the Inside Out,” brings a novel approach to leading through focused attention.

“Technology and the pace of business blow a deluge of information at us and our attention is scattered,” says Josh. “The disciplines of reflection, focus and mindfulness enable us to take back control as we drive through this storm. The first step is stopping and reflecting to see what turns we took to get here. Then focusing our attention is like adjusting our high beams. This enables us to see more clearly where we are going and ultimately get there faster. Mindfulness is about paying attention to landmarks on the road that can help us learn how to lead, navigate and set direction.”

This workshop draws from Josh’s upcoming book, Stop Reflect Focus, due out early next year from Wharton Business School Press. Participants will be challenged to go beyond day-to-day issues to ask larger questions of purpose and create a new vision for how to develop the next generation of leaders.

Josh is the Dean of the BeamPines/Middlesex University Master’s Program in Executive Coaching. He is a Master Coach at BeamPines, a talent management firm headquartered in New York City. Josh speaks to a variety of audiences about international coaching standards and brings together coaches from around the world to teach best practices. His research at Yale and New York University has helped to clarify the psychological and physiological mechanisms by which stress impairs performance.

To attend Josh’s workshop visit www.conference-board.org/leadershipweek.

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