October 2, 2009

Charney’s latest to get NY staged reading

A staged reading of The Silent Exile is being planned at Manhattan's Clurman Theatre, playwright Kuros Charney has announced.

The Oct. 19 performance at Theatre Row will mark the debut of the drama, which is set in Miami's Cuban exile community as it celebrates news of an ailing Fidel Castro in 2006.

Like his previous works, 'The Silent Exile' is provocative and unflinchingly real, a news release announcing the reading said. Themes of duplicity echo those in his play 'Shame and Desire.'

A playwright mustn't be afraid of being a 'troublemaker,' Charney said in a statement. If you say anything worthwhile, someone will have a bone to pick with you. But in the end, the audience doesn't really want you to behave yourself. They just want you to tell the truth.