October 4, 2009

Man dies filming reality show in Thailand

A 32-year-old banker drowned while participating in a Pakistani reality TV competition being filmed in Thailand, investigators say.

An unidentified police investigator said Pakistani banker Saad Khan drowned while swimming across a pond in Bangkok's idyllic Rot Fai Park as part of the filming for a reality series with the working title of Clear Man, the Bangkok Post reported Sunday.

The investigator said while more than 30 cast and crew members were on hand during the Aug. 19 accident, he estimates no one attempted to help the drowning man for several minutes as cameras continued to roll.

An unidentified production crew member estimates workers only waited half a minute before attempting to rescue Khan after the contestant stayed submerged in the pond.

Everything just happened very quickly, the worker, who requested anonymity, said.

The Bang Sue police station investigator who investigated the accident told the Post that police were not allowed to interview Khan's fellow contestants, or production workers, after the accident.

The contestant, the crew, the tapes, said the unidentified investigator, are all gone with the wind.