October 4, 2009

Aerosmith break results in Perry solo work

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry says the forced tour hiatus of the U.S. rock band resulted in his recording a solo album, Have Guitar, Will Travel.

Perry, 59, said while he is aggravated regarding the band's hiatus due to injuries suffered by singer Steven Tyler during a fall in August, there is little chance Aerosmith may have played its last concert together, The Boston Globe reported Sunday.

The band is not breaking up,'' Perry told the Globe. I think it's smart to just take some time off.''

Perry used the break from Aerosmith to record Have Guitar in 47 days and on Tuesday, Perry's fifth solo album will be released.

Perry told the Globe he is taking a laid-back approach to when Aerosmith will continue recording and touring, saying a calm take will allow all the band's members to be fully prepared for the band's limited future.

We are getting closer to the end than the beginning, Perry said. And I know Steven and the other guys feel the same way.