October 4, 2009

Artist Emin may leave Britain over taxes

Britart star Tracey Emin says she is considering leaving Britain because of an increased tax rate introduced by Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

The Sunday Times of London said Emin is frustrated over Brown's 50 percent tax rate set to target British residents making more than $239,000 a year. The tax rate increase is set to go into effect in April.

Emin, a standout in the Young British Artists Group, commonly called Britart, reportedly said she is very seriously considering leaving Britain.

I'm simply not willing to pay tax at 50 percent, she added.

The Times said Emin could relocate to France where she already owns a holiday home.

The French have lower tax rates and they appreciate arts and culture, Emin said of such a possibility.

Erin represents the most recent celebrity in Britain to question the current situation in the country, following actor Michael Caine and soccer star Andrei Arshavin.

So much here is simply not working now, Emin told The Times. The taxes are too high, there aren't enough incentives to work hard, and our politicians have put me off. We're paying through the nose for everything.