BREAKING NEWS: Court Rules, Then Voids as Illegal, and Unconstitutional all Arrests, Convictions & Sentences of Dr. Keenan Kester Cofield Former CEO of Injury Ctr. & Horizon Mtg and Finance; a Court Pardon-Wiped Cases and Records Clean

October 7, 2009

WASHINGTON and BALTIMORE, Oct. 7 /PRNewswire/ — The following statements can be attributed to Eddie Jenkins, Chief Info Officer, VP, I.C.C. and Associates:

Court had ruled and I.C.C. has obtained the Irrevocable Judgment Lien Order which ordered, each state & federal convictions/sentences of Keenan Kester Cofield as legally defective and unconstitutional

BREAKING NEWS: The IRREVOCABLE Judgment & Lien Order By Consent, Confession and/or Foreign (Judgment), dated February 25, 2008 was obtained by I.C.C. in part, which ruled in favor of Plaintiff Dr. Keenan Kester Cofield, JD/PhD and other Plaintiff(s), as the victim of overzealous police, prosecutors and judges who presided or brought bogus charges. “The Judgment Order serves as a form or Pardon of a not-guilty man, framed by the judicial system,” says Jenkins. “The written Judgment and Lien Order is still in legal effect, and has not been voided or ruled illegal, itself, according to Court records of the case.”

Dr. Keenan Kester Cofield holds a Masters & PhD in Criminal Justice and JD in Law with Honors, plus Double Major from Southern Law Institute and American Univ. “Dr. Keenan Kester Cofield also holds a degree in broadcasting and is a Parapsychologist, with many certifications, along with a long list of memberships and holding of offices in various national and local organizations, from President, Secretary to Legal Advisor in the NAACP, Jaycees and others,” according to Jenkins.

Dr. Keenan Kester Cofield at one time was the youngest News Director/Television Producer and Radio Talk Show Host in the country. In fact, according to many published reports, Dr. Keenan Kester Cofield was listed as Who’s Who in numerous newspapers, magazines, wire service reports on stories as one of the nation’s Top Civil Prison Advocates and Prisoner Rights Litigators. “Dr. Keenan Kester Cofield has been in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and many other news publications several times, which include a cartoon about Dr. Keenan Cofield, who knew how to grab the press and make things an issue, make things happen, or shut you down,” says Jenkins.

Below is an outline and excerpts from the IRREVOCABLE Court Judgment and Lien Order:

The Court ruled and ORDERED the following, in part:


2). Uncontested Claims, Complaints, Habeas Corpus and Error Coram Nobis, for the FULL face value amount of the claims, etc.;

3). Court Order was By Consent/Default/Confession and/or Foreign Judgment, Jointly;

4). Pursuant to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 69, NO WRIT OF EXECUTION is required nor filed in any State or Federal District Court to execute the Judgment Order to seize, enforce, forfeit, repossess, power to evict, take control over title, deed, transfer of property, lands, assets, stocks, cash, checks, banks accounts, insurance policies, or anything of value from any Defendants/Judgment Debtors, to collect on the Judgment money part of the Order;

5). No Court Order state or federal can void and/or supersede the Judgment Order;

6). No Court Clerk/Prothonotary from any State/Federal Court jurisdiction SHALL NOT docket nor file any Appeal or other defenses, motions, or other challenges seeking to set aside the Court Judgment or agency review by any Court or agency in any State or Federal jurisdiction;

7). Writ of Habeas Corpus and Error Coram Nobis GRANTED;

8). Any and all state, federal arrest conviction are voided;

9). Permanent Injunction and Declaratory Judgment/Decree was awarded in favor of Plaintiff(s) that was IRREVOCABLE, against any and all Defendants/Judgment Debtors, and cannot be terminated at all, affecting ALL, parts, provisions, portions, and language described in this Judgment Order to be enforced, fully;

10). Defendants/Judgment Debtors, have consented to Judgment by default on claims, and complaints, any and all rights under the U.C.C. is invoked, as a SECURED PARTY CREDITORS;

11). The Damages awarded as noted in the paper/written Judgment & Lien Order, which awards millions of dollars;

12). No Part or portion of this Judgment Order SHALL BE STAYED, by any party, in any, Court;

13). GAG Order was issued;

14). Judgment Debtors/Defendants, or any agents, employees thereof, each, are PROHIBITED, or otherwise ENJOINED, and shall not file, any, suits, claims, counterclaims, or any other actions of any kind, in any Court, in any, jurisdictions, State or Federal, in relationship to this Judgment is IRREVOCABLE;

15). No Judgment Debtors or Defendants, by whatever names or through any agents, SHALL, USE in any form, the copyrighted/trademarks names or reference to any part of the recorded Judgment, without the written permission and consent of Plaintiff(s)/Judgment Creditors;

16). Ordered, that a copy of this Judgment Order, SHALL, be filed, recorded, and indexed, with the United States Copyright and Trademark Offices; The February 25, 2008 Judgment Order was duly as Ordered filed and recorded as a Judgment document, and copyrighted documents.

“I.C.C. reports that the all the Defendants and Judgment Debtors have violated the Judgment Order or willfully and intentionally violated the Judgment & Lien Order, infringed upon the copyright and trademarks, owned by Plaintiff(s) Judgment Creditors,” says Jenkins.

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SOURCE I.C.C. and Associates

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