Statement In Response To Omitted Child Petition Action for Mrs. Sherri Crichton

October 13, 2009

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Taylor Crichton filed papers in the Los Angeles Superior Court to challenge the paternity of Michael Crichton’s eight-month old son, John Michael Todd Crichton, in order to block him from obtaining his rightful inheritance from his father. Michael Crichton was in the process of updating his estate plan to include John Michael but was unable to complete revisions before he passed away. As a matter of public policy, the law provides for a child when this situation occurs.

Regarding the objections filed by Taylor Crichton to the petition to determine John Michael’s legal rights to his share of his father’s estate, Adam Streisand, partner of Loeb & Loeb and Mrs. Sherri Crichton’s attorney, commented: “John Michael is Michael Crichton’s son, and Taylor knows it, because her father told her so, and she was provided with DNA evidence proving it.” Michael Crichton died while his wife Sherri was pregnant with their son. Shortly after Mrs. Crichton lost her husband, Taylor demanded proof of John Michael’s paternity. Mr. Streisand said: “Mrs. Crichton agreed to DNA testing, which she was under no obligation to do, in the hope of avoiding a public spectacle.” Loeb & Loeb engaged the leading paternity testing experts in the country, DNA Diagnostics Center, to perform genetic testing. Mr. Streisand commented: “We showed Taylor and her attorneys that it is one hundred percent certain that John Michael is Michael Crichton’s son. Sadly that wasn’t enough for her.”

Michael and Sherri Crichton were married in May 2005. In June 2008, Michael and Sherri each underwent fertility procedures at the Center for Reproductive Medicine and Infertility at the New York Presbyterian Hospital -Weill Medical College of Cornell University to become pregnant with their son, John Michael, by in vitro fertilization. In an effort to keep this private family matter out of the public eye, when Taylor Crichton demanded proof of her brother’s paternity in connection with the legal proceeding to determine John Michael’s right to inherit from their father’s estate – information Taylor Crichton is not entitled to as a matter of law – Loeb & Loeb engaged the services of DNA Diagnostics Center, the leading expert in paternity testing in the country, who determined with certainty that John Michael is the biological son of Michael Crichton. The testing process and results were shared with Taylor’s counsel on September 30, 2009. Apparently, neither the law nor conclusive scientific proof of paternity will stop Taylor Crichton from trying to prevent her brother from receiving his rightful share of Michael Crichton’s estate.

To confirm John Michael’s rights as an heir of his father’s estate, Mrs. Crichton filed a routine petition with the court to determine John Michael’s right to a share of his father’s estate as an “omitted heir.” Michael died before his revised estate plan, which included John Michael, was completed. Taylor Crichton’s litigation will unfortunately and unnecessarily delay distributions from Michael Crichton’s estate to all the beneficiaries.

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