July 16, 2005

Amazon fetes 10th year with Bob Dylan, Norah Jones

SEATTLE (Reuters) - Online retailer Amazon.com Inc.
celebrated its 10th year with a concert on Saturday for its
employees and customers that included a rare joint performance
by Bob Dylan and Norah Jones.

The free concert for over 2,500 employees in Seattle, which
was also broadcast over the Web, was aimed at showcasing
Amazon's success at becoming the Internet's biggest retailer,
unlike other unlucky companies that died along with the
bursting of the technology bubble five years ago.

Jones, whose debut album "Come Away With Me" won eight
Grammy Awards in 2003, paused once during her performance to
say that: "this is the part where we usually do a Bob Dylan

"But don't worry, we won't, because we're too scared to do
that," Jones said of the singer-songwriter who set the tone for
1960s counterculture and influenced many later artists.

Amazon said that Jones' performance will be her "first and
only show in 2005."