ActionView International, Inc. Announces Rule Changes and Rebranding of MatchFights Product as ‘Championship Full Contact’

October 16, 2009

MURRIETA, Calif., Oct. 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — ActionView International, Inc. (Pink Sheets: AVEW) and its wholly owned MatchFights, LLC subsidiary today announced changes to the rules governing its mixed martial arts product. To better reflect these rules changes, MatchFights will rebrand its product as “Championship Full Contact” and will showcase its live events broadcast over the Internet from a new website: www.FullContactLive.com.

The new website, which will also be the focus of expanded marketing and promotions efforts, is expected to be launched in the next several days. MatchFights events are broadcast live in high definition to a worldwide audience over the Internet and revenue is derived from pay-per-view buys.

The single biggest difference between the product being offered by Championship Full Contact and traditional mixed martial arts is that Championship Full Contact has effectively eliminated the tap out as a means to end a fight. Rather than allow fights to dissolve into protracted grappling matches and then end in an arm bar or rear choke, Championship Full Contact rules encourage creative and effective striking – style clearly preferred by most fight fans. When Championship Full Contact fights go to the ground, the referees will have explicit instructions that once strikes stop being thrown or the action gets boring, the fighters will be stood back up. A fighter may tie his opponent up or submit as a defensive move, but the result will be that the referee stands them both up and the fight continues.

Additionally, Championship Full Contact professional fights will consist of seven rounds of two minutes each. Combining this change with the elimination of the tap out, it is expected that Championship Full Contact fights will be fast and furious and filled with striking.

Championship Full Contact will retain the interactive features of its Internet broadcasts, which allow subscribers to vote online for the matchups they want to see and then vote for the winners of fights that go the distance. Also being retained is the interactive online chat feature during the live event, and the new site will fans can set up their own chat groups.

“We are very happy to introduce our new Championship Full Contact brand and the rules that will govern each contest,” commented Gary Nerison, Chairman of ActionView International. “These rules will deliver a product that is a marked change from other MMA products where the longer rounds tend to result in prolonged periods of inactivity either because fighters are circling each other or lying on the ground catching their breath. We anticipate that these changes will result in more fights that either end in a knockout or go the distance – where our viewers can vote for the winner.

“The net result of these changes is that Championship Full Contact will be the fastest paced and action packed fight product available to fans around the world. We believe that once our style is seen by viewers, the popularity of our broadcasts will grow and pay-per-view buys will increase for each event.

“Because we set aside ten percent of our pay-per-view proceeds as the fighters’ purse, we expect that very shortly, our fighters will become among the highest paid in the industry. This will attract the very best MMA fighters to our events, and, by taking the focus off the grappling game, we look forward to attracting fighters from more traditional martial arts where effective striking is showcased.”

A complete set of Championship Full Contact rules will be posted at www.fullcontactlive.com where interested fighters may also fill out an application.

The company encourages shareholders and anyone interested in following the progress of ActionView International and its wholly owned MatchFights, LLC subsidiary to subscribe to the mailing list at www.matchfights.com.

About ActionView International, Inc.

ActionView International has completed its acquisition of MatchFights, LLC, which is now the focus of the company’s operations. MatchFights, LLC and its Championship Full Contact property deliver live, high-definition, pay-per-view events, including no-holds-barred, full contact fights, in an interactive venue over the Internet to a global audience. The live events will have broad appeal and include elements of fighting, music, ring girl contests, and other live entertainment as part of the broadcast. For additional information about MatchFights and its Championship Full Contact, please visit www.matchfights.com or www.fullcontactlive.com.

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