Astrology Forecasts from astroSOURCE Usher in the Next Generation of Astrology Web Sites

October 20, 2009

LANGHORNE, Pa., Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ — Astrology’s online landscape has been radically altered by the arrival of the next generation of astrology Web sites: astroSOURCE.com, an accurate, easy-to-use site specifically designed with astrology enthusiasts in mind. KT, The Astrologer (formerly known as Kelli Fox), who in 1995 was instrumental in creating the world’s most popular first generation astrology Web site, worked closely with the astroSOURCE team to devise a service that provides customers with astrology forecasts and guidance tailored specifically to them, and not just to the millions of people who happen to share their sun sign.

Visitors to the many astrology sites on the Internet have long been disappointed by canned content, repetitive horoscope “readings,” stale presentation, and clunky navigation through screens littered with pop-ups and spam.

“For too long, astrology sites have been stuck in the 1990s, offering content that amounted to little more than electronic versions of newspaper horoscope columns,” said KT, The Astrologer, whose

formal studies resulted in her earning all of the major astrological accreditations, including that of the American Federation of Astrologers. “Without requiring the investment of additional time and energy,

astroSOURCE provides a level of insight and analysis that is deeper and more personal than a conventional horoscope.”

The Science of Timing

Careful attention to astrologically significant variables isn’t just a service that is offered to astroSOURCE’s clients. It’s a sensibility that pervades the fabric of astroSOURCE itself. KT, The Astrologer, calls this “The Science of Timing,” and it plays an important role in everything astroSOURCE does. The launch of the site was carefully timed to place it within an astrologically auspicious window. Every important change to astroSOURCE is subjected to this level of review before it proceeds. astroSOURCE clients are the ultimate beneficiaries of its astrological integrity.

“I think the fact that we use the astroCALENDAR ourselves says a lot about our belief in the service we provide to our clients. With the guidance of astroSOURCE, people can learn to apply the Science of Timing to their own lives in a very accessible way,” said KT, The Astrologer.

What makes astroSOURCE different?

With its exclusive astroCALENDAR, visitors to astroSOURCE obtain guidance that they can understand and put to use immediately. The events of the celestial calendar are personally interpreted for each individual and broken down into a format that is quick and accessible for even the most casual astrology fan.

Results are filtered through six key categories that enable site visitors to pursue their loftiest ambitions in their love life, family life, diet and exercise, and career goals. With the astroCALENDAR, the uncertainty that once accompanied generalized astrology predictions for a wide audience is a thing of the past.

For members who want their destiny delivered directly to their inbox, astroSOURCE offers immediate notification of auspicious alignments and other favorable astrological events. The “Good Times” feature delivers these notices via e-mail or to members’ phones and PDAs via SMS.

The next level

Even the most serious astrology practitioners will discover that astroSOURCE is their premier online resource. In addition to the personalized astroCALENDAR, astroSOURCE provides an array of superior online astrology resources including:

  • Personalized natal charts
  • Constantly updated love charts and romantic compatibility reports
  • Guides for interpreting your sun sign and its relevance to your reading
  • Web tools that help customers answer the questions they’re asking NOW
  • Access to the vast expertise of KT, The Astrologer

When visitors open a free account at www.astroSOURCE.com, they will find out, perhaps for the very first time, what the workings of the celestial sphere really mean for them.

About astroSOURCE:

Founded in partnership with online astrology pioneer KT, The Astrologer (formerly known as Kelli Fox), astroSOURCE is the Internet’s new premier resource for astrology forecasts. astroSOURCE uses features like its exclusive astroCALENDAR to deliver personalized astrology forecasts to its members, allowing them to fit astrology into their busy lives without sacrificing accuracy or ease of use. Visit astroSOURCE online at http://www.astrosource.com.

To learn more about what makes astroSOURCE unique among astrology Web sites, or to arrange an interview with KT or a senior member of the astroSOURCE team, contact Leza Raffel at 215-884-6499 or leza@comsolutionsgroup.com.


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