Real-Time Internet Innovator New Media Broadcasting Company Launches MashCast(R), The Online Platform Redefining Collaboration, Communication, Distribution and Commerce

October 28, 2009

GLENDALE, Calif., Oct. 28 /PRNewswire/ — New Media Broadcasting Company (NewMBC) today announced the official launch of MashCast®, its online communications and content management platform that will rapidly redefine the way companies and artists communicate — and consumers consume — brands and products.

“Artists and business owners should be able to determine how their content and brands are presented and merchandised,” says MashCast Co-Founder and CEO Scott Page. “We’ve created a very engaging and cost effective way for them to do that.” As an 18-year pioneering executive in emerging media technologies who co-founded publicly-traded 7th Level after a decorated musical career as saxophonist and guitarist for such internationally-acclaimed bands as Pink Floyd, Supertramp and TOTO, Page understands the complexities facing artists and brands in this new free content market. MashCast is the emergent answer for a new form of user engagement.

MashCast is the innovative new way for companies and artists to create their own custom-branded online networks. Collaboration, distribution, community and commerce features are built into a secure, rights-savvy environment that is owned and managed by the artist or brand. Far from abandoning traditional and new media avenues, MashCast leverages current online technologies while adding advanced real-time collaborative capabilities that connect brands to users, fans to artists and businesses to businesses.

This morning it was MashCast’s rich creative collaboration module and a handful of artists collaborating from locations that generated the outrageous opener for Jeff Pulver’s 140 Character Conference (sponsored by Eastman Kodak Company), a high-impact summit that explores the effects of the real-time Internet on business. While the MashCast technology is a bellwether of the new creative collaboration, its implications for the future of business in a real-time Internet environment is what has new media experts taking notice.

Within their MashCast network, individual artists and businesses can own and manage exclusive online communities, giving them the power to connect their network to all social media outlets (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc) for one-button-push, net-wide distribution of select content; grant varying levels of rights, roles and permissions to members; distribute content securely to their subscribers real-time or “on demand;” customize and segment content for targeted communications to different kinds of users — all of which provides the ability to “own the audience” while opening up new revenue streams for their brand. A proprietary rich internet application allows subscribers and network operators to pass creative content — video, audio, animation — back and forth to each other over the MashCast® network in real time. Such collaborations are referred to as “mashes” or “mash-ups”. Mash-ups turn permitted fans into site content co-creators.

Hardly anywhere can a more committed fan be found than that of the Monty Python comedy troupe. As MashCast’s beta client, Monty Python has been leveraging the fervor of their fans to create content for their custom online network, www.pythonline.com.

“It’s one of the most exciting times in history to be creating new ways to connect audiences, businesses, advertisers and content creators with each other,” said Jeff Hayzlett, Chief Marketing Officer, Eastman Kodak Company (and co-host of the 140 Character Conference). “The MashCast platform enables customized, anywhere/anytime access to targeted audiences in a mutually-engaging connection. We are very excited to see where MashCast will go from here.”

Anyone can join the worldwide MashCast network for free at www.mashcast.com. Businesses and artists can create their own custom network using the MashCast technology by contacting NewMBC via www.newmbc.com. To view the 140 Character Conference opener produced by MashCast’s digital collaboration platform, visit http://mashcast.com/content/140conf-show-open-animation-mashcast.

About MashCast®:

MashCast® (a New Media Broadcasting company) is the first global media “mash-up” environment wherein members, partners and merchants engage in multi-channel entertainment, creative exchange and commerce. Within the MashCast® nexus, content producers and brand owners can centralize, control, distribute and grant access to their properties — creating a custom network of their own where they define the online conversation and their audiences become content collaborators. Mash it. Cast it. Welcome to real-time Internet. For more information, visit www.mashcast.com.

About New Media Broadcasting Company

New Media Broadcasting Company is a cutting-edge online technology leader producing real-time collaboration technology for individuals, companies and brands across varied industries. Their keystone platform, MashCast®, is redefining the way entertainment artists and companies are engaging their fan/customer bases and distributing their content for maximum reach and profit. For more information, visit www.newmbc.com.

About PythOnline.com

PythOnline.com (powered by MashCast®) is the official Monty Python website and online community. It’s the destination for all things Monty Python, including troupe information, history, products and current events, and it’s where notoriously avid fans are invited to engage with the Monty Python brand in new and creative ways, through technology that is… well, something completely different. For more information, visit www.pythonline.com.

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