Wiley to Publish Conquer the Crash, 2nd Edition

October 29, 2009

GAINESVILLE, Ga., Oct. 29 /PRNewswire/ –Wiley is publishing the second edition of Robert Prechter’s Conquer the Crash: You Can Survive and Prosper in a Deflationary Depression (ISBN: 978-0-470-56797-5, $29.95). It will be available in bookstores on November 9, 2009. The first edition became a New York Times bestseller in 2002 with more than 100,000 people reading it in time to protect their wealth before the sequential crashes in junk bonds, property, stocks and commodities.

Prechter anticipated the current economic and financial situation in surprising detail in the first edition of Conquer the Crash, forecasting events such as these: the implosion of collateralized securities; bank failures; Fannie Mae’s stock collapse; and a rare, simultaneous fall in real estate, stocks and commodities. Since then, the average U.S. homeowner has suffered a decline of up to 40% in property value, Fannie Mae is a zombie corporation under the government’s protection, and stocks and commodities had their biggest fall since 1929-1932.

The second edition adds 188 new pages of real-time commentary on markets and the mounting prospects for deflation — rather than inflation — to become the true threat to the U.S. economy. It includes all of the original edition, word for word, which is as relevant as the day it first published. Prechter warns that the doors to financial safety are closing all over the world. Within the new section, he expands his recommended list of ways that prudent people can protect their wealth and their livelihoods. It is all in a good cause, as those who can keep their money safe during the deflationary depression will be ready for the great buying opportunity that lies ahead after the crash.

For people who missed getting safe when the world was in party-hearty mode, the timing for this new edition — as once again economists and financial authorities are announcing that all is well — couldn’t be more useful.

For more information about the book, or if you are a member of the media and would like to access the electronic galley, please contact Alexandra Lienhard at alexandral@elliottwave.com and visit www.elliottwave.com/conquerthecrash.

About the Author

Robert R. Prechter, Jr., is a social theorist and market analyst. He is president of Elliott Wave International (elliottwave.com), a forecasting firm servicing institutional and private investors around the world. Since 1978, Prechter has authored 14 books. His Elliott Wave Principle with A.J. Frost in 1978 predicted the great bull market. Conquer the Crash (first edition, 2002) forecasted the current global debacle in substantial detail. His two-book set Socionomics presents his seminal hypothesis that endogenously regulated waves of social mood determine the character of social actions. His newest website, socionomics.net, is dedicated to explaining and applying socionomic theory. For more biographical information, go to www.robertprechter.com.

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