Peruvian Man’s Story Leads to the American Dream: ‘The Immigrant’

October 30, 2009

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 30 /PRNewswire/ — There is no more uplifting tale than that of fulfilling the American Dream. “The Immigrant” (published by Trafford), by Max Lombardi, tells the story of young Marco Donnatti. Told in 120 vignettes, “The Immigrant” follows this young Peruvian man as he grows up in Mollendo and Lima and attends University Peru. Eventually Marco attends a graduate program in the United States and finds success, love and the American Dream.

As “The Immigrant” opens, readers are introduced to young Marco, his parents and his five siblings. The stories follow Marco as he grows up in Peru, attends grade school, high school and eventually University. Marco’s life unfolds before the backdrop of family life, relocation, Peruvian holidays and general happenings of 1940s Peru.

Young Marco’s life, however, is not without its setbacks and heartbreak. His plan to enter the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, or National University of San Marcos, as a Veterinary Medicine student is thwarted repeatedly. The first time Marco takes the admissions test for entrance into the university, he does not pass. Not to be deterred, Marco sets out spending the following year studying. In the intervening year Marco’s family is rocked by tragedy: Marco’s father, Massimo, falls ill and dies. As a result, Marco decides that he will put off his plan to go to school to help his family. Marco’s mother, however, will not allow her son to defer his education.

“My mother was well mannered, polite, and educated. But when we told her that we wanted to find jobs and help support the family, she hit the ceiling, “No way!” she yelled and with a very firm and a stern voice told us that we were to work only during vacations and that during the academic periods we would stick to the books and do well. No arguments accepted. She decided instead that she was going to work harder to help the family succeed. She was a saint. Of course, that year, I continued to assist her with her work while I prepared to retake the admissions exams the following year.”

About the Author

Max Lombardi was born and raised in Peru. He attended primary and secondary school in Mollendo and Lima. Upon completing his undergraduate degree, he attended a Master’s program at Cornell University. Lombardi has worked as a professor and researcher in Nuclear Medicine for over 40 years. He has written multiple technical works in his field.

“The Immigrant”

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