Learning Software Improves Reading and Increases Standardized Test Scores.

November 3, 2009

SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 3 /PRNewswire/ — Infinite Mind, developer of the eyeQ software program, has recently released results showing significant increases in standardized test scores for the ACT, SAT, LSAT, GMAT and MCAT tests. These test results indicate increased test scores of up to 23 percent (for example, moving from a score of 20 on the ACT to a 24 or 25, or increasing from a 550 on the SAT to a 675.)

A functional MRI brain scan, paid for by the company, showed that activity in the left hemisphere of the brain doubled after a standard 7-minute session with eyeQ, while activity in the right hemisphere increased by nearly 1,500 percent.

In, Everything You Need To Know Before Beginning Law School, author Brad Lord-Leutwyler, touts eyeQ as “absolutely essential.” In Leutwyler’s words, “the software somehow manages to activate the observation and processing centers of the brain.” Bottom line, Leutwyler’s LSAT students spend less time reading, and more time thinking and solving problems. This software does not only benefit test takers, but is currently being utilized in schools from elementary to university level across the US.

Mary Nilsson, a fifth-grade teacher at Granger Elementary School in Utah, commented in a recent Salt Lake Tribune article that “[I have] been using eyeQ with a class of students learning English (‘ELL’) and with special education students for about three weeks,” and that some of her students “have improved by 100 or 200 percent” — measured in terms of reading speed and comprehension — from where they started. She said it’s giving her students confidence.

Sylvia Martinez’s excitement is tangible: “Because of eyeQ, my son Drew was able to raise his ACT scores immensely.” As a result, “Drew received an academic scholarship to the University of Chicago for $39,000!”

SOURCE Infinite Mind

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