Interactive Player Available: Artist Partners with Kilimanjaro Charity to Build Classrooms in Africa

November 10, 2009

NEW YORK, Nov. 10 /PRNewswire/ — New Orleans artist Aron Belka is partnering with Kilimanjaro Education Foundation (KEF). Belka’s original oil on canvas painting S3031273E is an abstract translation of a satellite image of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Depicted in yellows and oranges, the painting of Africa’s most iconic image embodies the artist’s feeling of hope for the region. Limited edition archival prints of the painting, each signed and numbered by the artist, will be available for sale. Proceeds will benefit KEF for the development of school buildings in Tanzania.

What: Artist Partners with Kilimanjaro Charity to Build Classrooms in Africa

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    Contact:  Jeffrey Durosko
              Jeff Durosko Communications

              Todd Grossman
              Founder, Kilimanjaro Education Foundation

About the Artist: Aron Belka is a visual artist who has been a pioneer in the translation of exospheric satellite imagery into art. Through the lens of the satellite, Mr. Belka portrays the earth as art – abstract landscapes that allow the viewer to appreciate each painting for the technicalities of the art and the physical place it depicts. Mr. Belka received his BFA from Utah State University. His paintings have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions nationwide, including New York City, San Antonio, New Orleans, Salt Lake City, Portland, OR and Cobleskill, NY.

About Kilimanjaro Education Foundation: Kilimanjaro Education Foundation (KEF), founded in 2006, is incorporated in New York State and organized as a 501(c)(3). In November 2008, KEF was featured on the Today Show’s “Ends of the Earth” series. KEF strives to improve education and to build school facilities for underprivileged children in Tanzania and other countries bordering Kilimanjaro. KEF’s volunteers and directors share in and impart not only the Foundation’s passion for children and education, but also in KEF’s core values of honesty, integrity, creativity and imagination.

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