Arison Bestseller Is Released In The United States and Canada

November 18, 2009

MIAMI, Nov. 18 /PRNewswire/ — BIRTH: When the Spiritual and the Material Come Together, the new book authored by Israeli business leader and philanthropist Shari Arison, was released today in the United States and Canada by Phoenix Books.

The book was initially published by Kinneret Zmora Bitan Dvir Publishing House in Israel, where it quickly attained best-seller status.

In BIRTH, Arison writes that the world is “collapsing” around us because of broad-based greed on a personal, community and corporate level. She defines greed as not only financial, but also manifested by the mismanagement of the environment and the breakdown of fundamental social values.

The book details Arison’s philosophy-based model that enables individuals, corporations and countries to embrace change and “transform crisis into opportunity.” Importantly, BIRTH provides an actionable roadmap that combines the “spiritual and material” in order to foster productive social, individual and corporate growth.

“We’re very excited to be publishing BIRTH in the United States,” Arison said. “With the holidays upon us, we feel it’s an opportune time to release the book to deliver important lessons about how spiritualism and a commitment to change can transform the lives of individuals – as well as improve the workings of businesses and social institutions.”

BIRTH illustrates how Arison’s spiritual philosophies directly influence her corporate and charitable activities. Notably, it addresses how Arison’s personal journeys – both spiritually and in business – led to the strategic repositioning of the Arison Group as an enterprise that balances profit with a strong commitment to the environment, sustainable practices, and philanthropic giving.

For example, Arison was able to influence Bank Hapoalim to initiate a public education program, Shikun Binui, on responsible lending to promote green building development and created a new company called Miya to harness better water management. In the philanthropic arena, Matan was her initiative to encourage Israeli corporations to increase charitable giving, and Ruach Tova was organized to facilitate individuals volunteering to help others.

The Arison Group is a global business and philanthropy group, headquartered in Israel. The Group’s activities are carried out via two channels – business and philanthropy – that bring to fruition the values of sustainability: Arison Investments focuses on the business core of sustainability and applies the vision of securing the human existence to the field of global business. The Ted Arison Family Foundation focuses on listening to the needs of the community, by extending a loving hand. The foundation implements giving to the community through its donations and activities for improving the quality of life in Israel and for bringing about a transformation of the social environment.

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