Breakthrough in Text to Speech Technology

November 19, 2009

GDYNIA, Poland, November 19 /PRNewswire/ — The IVO Software company, in
cooperation with Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), the largest
British charity organization, is introducing two English speaking voices,
based on revolutionary IVONA Text-to-Speech technology. They will be set up
in products and services provided by RNIB to more than two million visually
impaired persons.

“The IVO Software has delivered amazing quality and innovation in an area
that we are particularly keen to support and the partnership between our
companies is set to deliver the best synthetic speech solutions on the
market. We are proud to have met the team at IVO Software who have worked
extremely hard and thoroughly – their focus is on quality and this shows in
every element of our partnership.” – said Steve Tyler, Head of Innovation,
Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), United Kingdom.

New British English IVONA voices are already available at
http://www.ivona.com with all IVONA products, which guarantees greater
comfort of computer use, reduces company operating costs and makes the
webpages more attractive and accessible, among other things.

The two new British English speaking IVONA Text-to-Speech voices, Brian
and Amy, stand out with excellent pronunciation, classic accent, vocal
timbre, intonation and style. The voices have already been used for speech
synthesis of passenger information system applied in public transport stops
in Wales. For the sound of the voices as well as for more information on
their development please visit http://www.ivona.com/technology.

“It is a breakthrough in the area of speech synthesis which brings to
text-to-speech solutions a new, previously inaccessible, level of quality
known only from science fiction movies” – said Lukasz Osowski, CEO and
President of IVO Software.

For the first time in the production of new IVONA voices IVO Software
used own technology of Rapid Voice Development (RVD) which allows creating
the next generation synthesized voices in any language within several weeks.

More information on IVO Software

IVO Software creates and develops IVONA text-to-speech system, one of the
best in the world. Our status is confirmed by numerous awards such as the
main prize at the prestigious international contest Blizzard Challenge in
2006, 2007 and 2009, where the voice generated by IVONA text-to-speech was
voted closest to the natural human voice. IVO Software develops special IVONA
TTS versions that are used in business, everyday life and rehabilitation of
the blind and partially sighted. The price of IVONA text-to-speech is
affordable, which opens up opportunities for everyone to use the
text-to-speech technology.

For more information please contact: Michal Rybak, PR Manager, IVO
, http://www.ivona.com, e-mail: mrybak@ivona.com, mobile phone:
+48-693-212-122, phone/fax: +48-58-783-49-51


Source: newswire

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