BooksOnBoard is the Official Black Friday eBookstore, Offering the Best Deals on the Hottest Holiday Items This Season: eBooks and eBook Readers

November 24, 2009

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 24 /PRNewswire/ — BooksOnBoard, the largest independent eBookstore and the book lover’s bridge to the digital world, is the one-stop shop for eBooks and eBook Readers this holiday season, offering consumers the best choice and multiple solutions for all their digital reading needs. They are offering the following holiday promotions:

  • Every customer who buys a gift certificate for $400 will get an instant credit of $100 toward the purchase of a Sony PRS-300 Reader
  • Every customer who buys an Astak EZReader will receive 50 percent back in Rewards Dollars on their first 10 eBook purchases
  • All specials can be found at www.booksonboard.com, www.blackfridaybooks.com, or www.blackfridayebooks.com.

Both the Sony PRS-300 and the Astak EZReader are light and sized for convenience while still offering ample storage for hundreds of eBooks. The devices also use an e-Ink paper-like screen for an optimum reading experience.

“BooksOnBoard has always been a business focused solely on the customer’s wants and needs. With eBooks and eBook Readers the hot item this holiday season, we wanted to ensure we could provide consumers with the best possible deals that map to their needs,” said Bob LiVolsi, President, CEO and Founder of BooksOnBoard. “More than 25 percent of our regular customers buy more than $400 worth of eBooks in just one year, so the Sony offer really is an amazing gift for the avid digital reader. BooksOnBoard and its partners are excited to offer consumers more for their money in this type of economy.”

“As an independent company, we are there to support avid readers as well as people who are just beginning to explore the world of digital reading,” continued LiVolsi. “One of the big misconceptions is that you need an eBook Reader to read digital books, but for those who are just starting out, we support multiple devices, including the ones that customers may already have at home; their netbooks, PCs, iPhones(TM) or BlackBerrys®. People who love to read will read anywhere, and BooksOnBoard is there for them.”

BooksOnBoard offers more than 400,000 eBook titles as well as multiple eBook Readers including the Sony PRS-600, Astak EZReader and Cybook Opus. BookOnBoard’s eBooks come in the friendly ePUB format, which allows users to read these books on a plethora of devices such as a PC, MAC, netbook, iPhone (or handheld device) or eBook reader, like the new SONY Reader or Astak EZReader. Unlike other eBook sellers, becoming a member of BooksOnBoard is free and requires no subscription fee. These eBooks also offer great value with some starting as low as $3.

About BooksOnBoard

BooksOnBoard (www.booksonboard.com) is the largest independent online retailer of eBooks. BooksOnBoard is also one of the largest retailers of downloadable Audio Books, and eBook Readers such as: Sony PRS-300 eBook Readers, Cybook Opus Pocket eBook Readers, Cybook Gen3 eBook Readers, and Astak EZReader Pocket Pro eBook Readers. Known for strong customer support and aggressive prices, BooksOnBoard has the largest eBook catalog online with over 300,000 titles. BooksOnBoard also offers a mobile site for the iPhone; directions on how to download to your iPhone or iPod Touch are available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Le2-qEWfaGY. For the latest from BooksOnBoard, subscribe to the RSS feed: http://www.booksonboard.com.

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