Vampire Guardian Angels(TM) Are Author Lia Scott Price’s Unique Creation and Characters

November 30, 2009

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 30 /PRNewswire/ — Horror author and film producer Lia Scott Price recently released two books, Lia Scott Price’s “Don’t Pray”, and a trilogy, “The Guardian, Revenant, and Dominion”, about her unique Serial Killer and Vampire Guardian Angel characters. “The Guardian, Revenant, and Dominion” were three previous separate novels which were combined into one book as a trilogy, and “Don’t Pray” is a new release. Both books can be found on amazon.com and on amazon Kindle.

Price’s Vampire Guardian Angels(TM) prey on those who pray specifically to Guardian Angels. “You never know who comes to you or who answers when you pray to a Guardian Angel,” Price says. “It could be a Guardian Angel who has become a vicious serial killer, or a Guardian Angel who was bitten by a vampire.”

In Price’s stories, her Serial Killer Guardian Angels(TM) are disillusioned mercy killers who are tired of humans whining to them. “They are resentful and angry at the people they are supposed to protect,” says Price. “So Guardian Angels have become serial killers, and they track down their victims through their prayers of desperation, and put the people who ask for their help out of their miseries.” But Price’s killer angels are very specific about what prayers they answer. “To attract a Serial Killer or Vampire Guardian Angel, you have to desperately ask for their help, or pray for suicide, or an end to your life and suffering.” In her novels, a Guardian Angel’s answer to human prayers is to encourage humans to end their lives “so they don’t have to listen to our whining, and so they can feed on us as well,” Price says.

Later on in the trilogy, Vampire Guardian Angels are an entire race of Guardian Angels bitten by vampires that invaded Heaven, and who find their victims through prayers that are specific to a Guardian Angel. “They feed on the despairing. That’s how my Vampire Guardian Angels find their food, so in a sense, they are also serial killers,” Price says. “Of course, they are torn between protecting humans and killing them, but they also enjoy their new found power and identity, as serial killers and vampires.” Price’s fictional stories also focus on the theory that in the Bible, Angels were Vampires hidden by the church through symbolism, and that references to “drinking of blood” were in fact proof of the existence of Vampire Guardian Angels(TM).

The Vampire Guardian Angel characters and concept are the unique creation of Lia Scott Price. “They are very specific and unique, characters I’ve created and who are featured in my novels and films,” Price says. “Do you know who, or what, you are praying to?”

Price has a blog specifically dedicated to her Vampire Guardian Angels(TM) at: http://vampireguardianangels.blogspot.com/

Lia Scott Price’s Vampire Guardian Angel films can be viewed on: http://www.youtube.com/liascottprice

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