Hollywoodparts.com Announces an Online Sale of Movie Props and Movie Wardrobe from Terminator Salvation

December 2, 2009

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Dec. 2 /PRNewswire/ — Terminator Salvation movie props and movie wardrobe will be released for sale by The Halcyon Company through Hollywood Parts at Hollywoodparts.com. Select movie props and movie wardrobe will go on sale coinciding with the release of the future apocalyptic action thriller Terminator Salvation on DVD.

Terminator Salvation, filmed mostly in New Mexico, is the fourth in a series of films based on the battle between Skynet and the last human resistance led by John Connor (Christian Bale). Screen used movie wardrobe and screen used movie props will be available for Connor (Christian Bale), Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington), Blair Williams (Moon Bloodgood), Dr. Serena Cogan (Helena Bonham Carter), Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin), Kate (Bryce Dallas Howard), Barnes (Common) as well as other cast members and background actors. “We will be offering a wide range of props and wardrobe from the film so that collectors large and small can get a piece of this very entertaining action film,” states Mike Filonczuk Executive VP of Operations and Development at Hollywoodparts.com.

The Terminator Salvation DVD release was December 1. The props and wardrobe from the film also went on sale that day with fixed pricing versus the auction style sale. Hollywood Parts and Hollywoodparts.com does have a ‘Name Your Price’ button that allows the buyer to offer their own price and see if it is accepted. “One never knows the circumstance around a sale, so Hollywoodparts.com has the option available for customers to offer a price that is more in their range and see what happens! It adds a little excitement to the sales and opens up a direct negotiation and some great discounts for our customers,” says Mike.

About Hollywoodparts.com: Hollywoodparts.com is a production asset management company that lists and photos movie props, movie wardrobe and movie vehicles on a secure website so film and television productions can better manage and then sell what they own to other productions or the public. Hollywood Parts also allows anyone to store unique items at their warehouse in order to rent to films and television. Hollywood Parts is striving to recycle Hollywood!

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