Have Yourself a Merry (and Easy) Little Christmas Feast

December 3, 2009

DALLAS, Dec. 3 /PRNewswire/ — The holidays are quickly approaching, bringing good tidings of great joy – and an immense deal of stress – for holiday hosts. With more parties than any other time of the year, and relatives often visiting for weeks at a time, hosts often feel more pressure than joy during the holiday season.

This year the entertaining experts at Salads of the Sea, makers of the nation’s best-selling refrigerated seafood dip, suggest these simple tips to keep the holidays stress-free for hosts and guests alike:

  • Less Mess Equals Less Stress. Minimize time in the kitchen by sticking to menu items that can be enjoyed right out of the package. For example, an array of crackers and crudites, served with your favorite packaged dips, spreads and cheeses, can be set out at the beginning of a holiday party and replenished as needed. Products like Salads of the Sea seafood dips, available in more than 20 popular varieties, are a convenient snack the whole party can enjoy. Or try serving Salads of the Sea holiday party trays, with pre-picked, perfectly paired dip varieties.
  • Keep it Simple. When hosting the festivities, skip the square meal and opt for an array of appetizers instead, served buffet-style. Appetizer recipes can be easier to master than entrees, and the relaxed atmosphere is more enjoyable.
  • Gift Guests with an Outstanding Recipe. One or two winning recipes are all it takes make an impression on your guests. And with the right combination of store-bought and fresh ingredients, it’s easy for busy hosts to create an original work-of-art:

- Seafood Cakes (Serves 6-8)


-     1 cup Salads of the Sea Seafood Salad
-     1 cup breadcrumbs
-     1/3 cup shredded Parmesan cheese
-     1 teaspoon pepper
-     2 tablespoons olive oil


Mix Salads of the Sea Seafood Salad, breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese and seasonings in large bowl. Form and place portioned balls in refrigerator for 1 hour. Heat olive oil in large pan (medium heat). Place Salads of the Sea cakes into the pan, flatten slightly with spatula while cooking. Allow to cook for 3 minutes, turn and allow to finish cooking for an additional 3 minutes. Place on plate and “decorate” using prepared wasabi sauce. Garnish with lemon slice.

- Savory Cajun Krab Rice (Serves 6-8)


-     1 package (8.8 oz) 90-second microwave rice
-     1 package (8 oz) Salads of the Sea Cajun Krab Dip
-     1/2 cup diced red, yellow and orange bell peppers


Prepare rice as directed on package. While hot, combine with Cajun Krab Dip and diced bell peppers.

Salads of the Sea party trays, sold in seafood departments for around $7, are a convenient holiday offering. Each tray features two Salads of the Sea dips or spreads paired side-by-side in individual 11-ounce compartments. The first party tray variety brings together two classics: Cajun Krab Dip (America’s favorite) and Supreme Krab Dip. The second tray features rich Seafood Cheese Spread alongside spicy Jalapeno Krab Dip. Keeping party trays and crudites handy means you’ll be ready to feed the whole gang in a moment’s notice.

Party trays join Salads of the Sea’s traditional line of premium refrigerated dips, spreads and salads, with popular flavors including Cajun Krab, Cajun Smoked Salmon, Roasted Garlic Krab and Seafood Cheese. Full product descriptions, featured recipes and distribution information are available online at www.saladsofthesea.com.

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