Entertainment Weekly Says New Paddle will ‘Rock the Ping Pong Table’

December 7, 2009

NEW YORK, Dec. 7 /PRNewswire/ — Entertainment Weekly’s EW Holiday Gift Guide has cited the innovative BrodmannBlade(TM) ping-pong paddle as a great holiday gift idea. The guide helps readers “find the perfect presents” and introduces them to “pop-culture-inspired picks that span the range from “geek to tres chic”. The new paddle is featured in the magazine’s December 4th issue with ‘New Moon’ star Taylor Lautner on the cover.

BrodmannBlades(TM), the first major innovation in the game of table tennis in over a hundred years, eliminates the handle from the table tennis paddle. The unique new product consists of two blades, or hitting surfaces, that are worn like a glove on either hand. Players make forehand and backhand shots by using the front and back of their hands.

“The Entertainment Weekly inclusion is an honor,” says Alfred Brodmann, the product designer. “Ping Pong is enjoying a resurgence in interest and we hope our new blade helps get millions of families back on their tables.”

GQ Magazine recently added the BrodmannBlades(TM) to its list of “Best Stuff 2009″ proclaiming it a “weird-looking paddle that will revolutionize ping pong.” Last month, BrodmannBlades(TM) announced their first retail distribution agreement with Paragon Sports. Photos and video are available at: http://inr.mediaseed.tv/Brodmann_37184

The product is available at www.brodmannblades.com, and through its distributor, AMEICO, at http://www.ameico.com/cart/products/IC-FBGS.htm. AMEICO provides easy access to a variety of unique products in categories ranging from Gifts to Timepieces to Eco-Friendly to Lighting. The common denominators are a high degree of creative energy; authentic, original contemporary design; and excellent craftsmanship.

About BrodmannBlades(TM)

Where Design meets Sport, BrodmannBlades(TM) is a privately held company focused on unique consumer products that add fun, fashion and flair to everyday life.

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