Human Ambassador Project Benefits From Star Trek and The Visitors ‘V’

December 9, 2009

DENVER, Dec. 9 /PRNewswire/ — The Human Ambassador Project has launched worldwide operations at http://www.humanambassadors.com, adding unique wrinkles to UFO and alien abduction phenomenon.

Human Ambassadors maintains two confidential lists: people who do, and people who do not, want to have contact and interaction with alien or extraterrestrial (ET) life. They communicate the existence of the project to potential advanced visiting cultures through various means, including sending electronic messages into space.

Their optIN list is for people volunteering to be contacted and become a Human Ambassador here or elsewhere. Their optOUT list is for people who want to explicitly express their opposition to be contacted in any way. A “do not call” list for aliens if you will.

“Many people would like to interact with a visiting peaceful ET race. The Human Ambassador Project gives you a way to raise your hand and say ‘I’m here, willing and ready.’ We’re the place where people from all over the world can express their willingness or objection to peaceful extraterrestrial interaction,” says Mike Jones, a Human Ambassador spokesperson.

According to independent polls on their website, two-thirds of people believe there are other forms of intelligent life in the universe and about half believe in the existence of UFOs. Their site also showcases quotes about ET life or UFOs from Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, Albert Einstein, Billy Graham, Stephen Hawking, Jose Funes and other famous people.

Whether it’s Star Trek, Star Wars, The Visitors or V, or any of the hundreds of television shows and films produced featuring ET life, it seems we’re obsessed with life beyond earth. Human Ambassadors is positioned to appeal to both UFO enthusiasts as well as mainstream society.

They also offer an inexpensive gifting option. The recipient can receive a digital certificate or one nicely packaged and shipped. They suggest gifting for adventure seekers, sci-fi fans, loved ones, UFO enthusiasts, or even as a jabbing gift to an ex.

Jones describes the gifting options as a way for under $10 to uniquely convey, “It’d be nice if you got abducted by aliens and I’m going to try to help you out with that.” Or conversely express, “I don’t want anyone or anything to take you away!”

Learn more at http://www.humanambassadors.com.

SOURCE Human Ambassador Project

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