The Consciousness of Light: New Author Bridges the Century-Old Gap between Science and Spirituality in Nonfiction Book

December 10, 2009

EDINBURGH, Scotland, Dec. 10 /PRNewswire/ — In her new nonfiction book, “It’s All Light: The Morphic Resonance of Light; A Unified Theory” (published by Trafford Publishing), author Gloria Prema presents a unified theory of science and spirituality that reconciles many of the discrepancies between these two fractured disciplines, covering topics ranging from the wave-particle duality of light in the physical world to the tunnel of light commonly seen during near-death experiences.

Drawing on references from modern science as well as ancient spiritual and religious texts that Prema has researched extensively, she outlines the practical methods that anyone can utilize to achieve the spiritual state known as “enlightenment” or “oneness.” According to Prema, this conception of enlightenment is attained through love, which creates coherent light waves based on her theories. Coherent waves then create an accumulation of information that approaches omniscience, which is itself a description of oneness with the universe.

As Prema herself writes about the characteristics of light and its impact on consciousness:

This book came about through the realization that higher dimensional
 realities can be explained from the study of quantum physics. What
 is happening in the microscopic world shows us that a) light has
 consciousness and that it is creative b) slow light produces sound
 which creates the perpetual motion of particles and c) matter and
 light are essentially the same thing, with everything having its own
 unique light frequency signature. Everything can be explained from
 these principles.

Learn how author Prema harmonizes the seemingly opposing theories of quantum mechanics and relativity while she also explains the major forces of physics (i.e., the wave-particle duality of light, perpetual motion, the double-slit experiment, dark matter, creation and growth of form, among numerous others). And don’t forget to discover the groundbreaking bridge where science connects to spiritual experiences like healing, telepathy, clairvoyance, remote viewing and even love in her thought-provoking, enlightening book “It’s All Light.”

About the Author

Prema is a dedicated mother of three young adults and began her formal scientific studies while raising her children. She earned her bachelor’s of science from Open University and has continued to study science, particularly quantum theory, for the past 17 years, attending lectures at Aberdeen University and Findhorn, the spiritual community in northeast Scotland. An avid reader and student of esoteric philosophy, she sees no dichotomy between science and the spiritual. She started her own business developing educational toys that teach universal values and currently works at a therapy center that employs emotional freedom and healing techniques. “It’s All Light” is her fifth official publication, having previously published four books on Values Education for children.

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