Horror Pays Big Dollars

December 10, 2009

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 10 /PRNewswire/ — IndieClick, the leading lifestyle media network for integrated advertising campaigns, today announced their two year exclusive advertising sales partnership with Bloody Disgusting, the Internet’s most popular horror destination.

Bloody Disgusting, the number one horror destination online, was founded in 2004 by CEO Tom Owen and Editor-in-Chief Brad Miska and has grown to nearly a million unique visitors with a huge registered user base, making it the most popular online destination for horror. The site features horror film previews, news, exclusive interviews, set reports, trailers, clips, contests and a thriving community.

Bloody Disgusting founder and CEO, Tom Owen, praised the partnership, commenting, “IndieClick is the most creative and effective ad agency we’ve worked with. They always provide extraordinary personal attention to us and advertising clients, making for the best campaigns possible.”

“Working with IndieClick has helped us get ads actually related to the content on our site instead of filling it with spam,” said Brad Miska, Bloody Disgusting’s Editor-in-Chief. “I love the honesty and integrity provided by IndieClick.”

Heather Luttrell, President of IndieClick, commented, “Since the first day of this partnership, the Bloody Disgusting team have been a pleasure to work with and I have never seen a site sell out as quickly and consistently. Tom and Brad are incredibly supportive of complex campaigns and are very innovative about custom integrations. Bloody Disgusting’s video presence has been a huge asset for advertisers seeking to engage horror audiences. Our exclusive agreement will allow us to extend our representation to cover all film studios and major brands.”

Recent campaigns on the top horror destination have included the Left for Dead 2 game launch, The Box, Deadspace Extraction, Drag Me to Hell, Dead Girl, Paranormal Activity, Friday the 13th, and Jennifer’s Body. Film studios have been booking campaigns for horror releases as much as six months in advance to ensure coverage by the important community. Performance of these campaigns has soared to very high engagement and click-thru, with custom integrations and creative execution driving performance.

IndieClick custom rich media ad units, the Page Peel, the Rollup, the Site Crash and interstitial units, supported by IndieClick’s talented Creative Services Group and the creative work of their agency clients, have been a critical contributor to the financial success of this partnership, with premium ad units selling in the very high CPM range. The combination of site stunts, video features, rich media and sponsorship elements has enabled IndieClick to construct media plans with very high impact and ROI for advertisers.

Earlier this year IndieClick began providing video serving technology to replace YouTube as the video provider for Bloody Disgusting , effectively monetizing video views on the site through IndieClickTV ad serving technology.

IndieClick’s Lifestyle Media Network includes more than 200 of the most important independent media destinations for film/entertainment, music, culture, fashion, and gaming and serves more than 50 million unique visitors on a monthly basis.

For further information on IndieClick advertising opportunities, its publisher network and services, please visit www.indieclick.com.

Executive quote

“At IndieClick, we provide advertisers and brands with access to the most important audiences for their campaign needs,” said Heather Luttrell, IndieClick President. “Our publisher network consists of the highest-caliber, most influential properties on the Web in music, film, culture, fashion, gaming and lifestyle.”

About the company

IndieClick’s Lifestyle Media Network enables brands and agencies to interact with influential audiences (focused on ages 17-35 with targeted reach into 35-49) through display, video, mobile and integrated advertising across carefully selected destinations.

The privately-held, Los Angeles-based agency represents the most relevant and popular properties in entertainment, music, culture, gamer and fashion, including more than 200 sites serving an audience of 50 million unique visitors in the United States.

Publishers turn to IndieClick for representation to the most important brands and advertising products relevant to their unique audiences.

For more information about IndieClick’s online ad sales capabilities and offerings, please contact Dave Young, VP Sales, at 213-623-4991 x228 or email sales@indieclick.com.

For Press Inquiries, please call 213-623-4991 x225 or email heather@indieclick.com.

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