Barack Obama Will Spend Nobel Prize Money on Peace Pigeon Farm in Texas

December 10, 2009

WASHINGTON, December 10 /PRNewswire/ — On December 9, Mupotoon LLC
presented in Oslo their latest comical animated film Barack Obama Superstar:
The Nobel Prize Story. The cartoon is a parody on the Nobel Peace Prize
committee and its 2009 decision, which perplexed many observers worldwide,
and surprised Barack Obama himself. The film caricatures secret desires of
the world’s outlandish leaders (Vladimir Putin, Hugo Chaves, Nicolas Sarcozy)
and humorously predicts that Barack Obama will spend his Nobel Prize money on
eco-friendly tanks and a peace pigeon farm next to George W. Bush’s ranch in

The tongue-in-cheek Nobel Prize Story begins with five shady figures,
veiled in dark hooded gowns, locking themselves up in a secret location,
joining their hands round a crystal ball and asking the spirit of Alfred
Nobel “Master
, who is worthy of your choice this year?” When they hear the
answer, their eyebrows raise and their jaws drop. But for these five members
of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee objection is not an option: if Nobel
himself wants Barack Obama to get the award, they can do nothing but explain
to the world the reasons behind such an unexpected choice.

As they go through all the possible arguments in favor of Barack Obama’s nomination, they become privy to the unknown secret formula of this
extraordinary man’s global popularity and success. Yet unconvinced by his
colleague’s flimsy reasoning, the animated President of the Nobel Peace
Committee exclaims in despair “This is a Nobel Prize for Peace, not for being
the cool and sexy President of the USA!!!”

Barack Obama Superstar: The Nobel Prize Story was created by the
animation company Mupotoon LLC in partnership with a leading Hollywood
producer’s firm Ostrow and Company. According to Mupotoon’s Creative Director

Yuriy Sak “This film is the first of the series of MUPOTOON – our unique
format of entertainment TV, which combines MUsic POlitics and carTOONs. Very
soon the world will see new episodes of MUPOTOON, which will be just as witty
and hip.”

“We are fascinated by Mr Obama’s global popularity, which we call
glObamazation. As somebody who follows this man’s career very closely, I can
assure that his “call to action” should be taken very seriously and we’ll
make a cartoon about it soon”, noted jokingly the cartoon’s director Gennadiy

For more details go to http://www.mupotoon.com


Source: newswire

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