3ality Digital’s First-Ever Live 3D Broadcast of an NFL Game Named One of Sports Illustrated’s Innovations of the Decade

December 29, 2009

BURBANK, Calif., Dec. 30 /PRNewswire/ — A groundbreaking 3D broadcast by 3ality Digital LLC (www.3alitydigital.com) has been named one of the decade’s best innovations by Sports Illustrated magazine. The Dec. 4, 2008 live 3D broadcast of the National Football League’s Oakland Raiders versus the San Diego Chargers marked the first time a league game had been carried live in digital 3D.

The landmark event carried on a proud tradition of sports broadcast innovation by the Modell family. For years, Art Modell shaped NFL broadcast policies as the owner of the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens. Modell’s sons, David and John – 3ality Digital’s chairman and co-founder, respectively – were instrumental in the landmark 3D broadcast.

“On behalf of everyone at 3ality Digital, we’re thrilled and honored that Sports Illustrated chose our NFL broadcast project as one of the most notable innovations of the decade,” said David Modell. “It was a pleasure to partner with the NFL to make this industry first a reality and lay the groundwork for the more comprehensive slate of live-action 3D programming now hitting the market.”

“We started development of real-time 3D production systems over ten years ago,” said Steve Schklair, CEO of 3ality Digital Systems, the technology arm of 3ality Digital. “3D for cinema is easy compared to live broadcast, yet we always knew that the right set of technologies would make live broadcasting in stereo a reality. Our live 3D broadcast of the Raiders versus Chargers was a key milestone in 3D’s migration from the cinema to the living room.”

In describing the broadcast experience, Sports Illustrated wrote in part: “If a one-sided snoozer of a game can be that engaging, one can only imagine the excitement of a postseason game or Super Bowl in three dimensions.” The magazine went on to say, “the brilliant final product is a testament to their (3D telecasts’) inevitability.”

“We approached the live 3D broadcast of Thursday Night Football as a proof of concept and came away extremely impressed with the results,” said Howard Katz, the NFL’s senior vice president of broadcasting and media operations. “The NFL has a long tradition of using emerging technologies to enhance the consumer experience, and live-action digital 3D clearly has enormous potential in this regard.”

“I’m proud and humbled to see our work included on such an exclusive and prestigious list of achievements,” said John Modell, who also serves as a 3ality Digital producer. “High-profile projects such as the NFL broadcast clearly demonstrate the value of the medium to every segment of the entertainment industry and firmly establish 3ality Digital as the premier 3D broadcast provider.”

The live 3D broadcast of the NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football was shot and transmitted by 3ality Digital and shown to invited guests at theatres in Boston, Hollywood and New York City. The three-dimensional nature of the broadcast, which incorporated state-of-the-art technology built into 3ality Digital’s camera platforms, was acclaimed for conveying the sense among viewers that they were actually on the field with the players.

“This is an amazing way to close out 2009 and begin what promises to be another watershed year for 3D,” said 3ality Digital LLC CEO Sandy Climan. “I’m thrilled to see the impact this broadcast and similar 3ality Digital projects have had on the global broadcast community. From the United Kingdom to Spain to Japan, broadcasters around the world have seen the potential of live-action 3D and will be launching dedicated 3D initiatives in 2010.”

The success of the NFL broadcast led a month later to the first live 3D broadcast to consumers, when 3ality Digital produced a live 3D broadcast of college football’s national title game between the University of Oklahoma Sooners and the University of Florida Gators.

About 3ality Digital

3ality Digital develops enabling technologies to power live-action 3D entertainment from image capture through broadcast, independent of viewing environment. 3ality Digital’s camera platforms, stereo image processing systems, and 3D image scaling technologies are quickly earning a reputation as the “gold standard” for the emerging medium, and are rapidly being adopted by broadcasters, production companies, studios and consumer electronics manufacturers.

3ality Digital technology has powered a number of live-action firsts, including U2 3D, the first movie shot completely in digital live-action 3D; the first live 3D broadcast of an NFL game (Raiders vs. Chargers, Dec. 4th, 2008); the first live 3D sports broadcast available to consumers (BCS Championship, Jan. 8th, 2009); the first 3D commercial broadcast on television (Sobe “Lizard Lake,”); and the first episode of a scripted television series shot in digital live-action 3D (Chuck vs. The Third Dimension, aired on NBC on Feb. 2, 2009). For more information, please visit the company’s website at www.3alitydigital.com.

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