National Martial Arts League to Become Reality: Ground-Floor Opportunity to Own a Sports Team

January 12, 2010

COLUMBIA, S.C., Jan. 12 /PRNewswire/ — Competitors of all martial arts styles will be given an opportunity to represent their city or state team and compete for the National Championship — The Kumite.

“For over sixty years, martial artists have honed their skills in one-on-one combat in hopes of being the best of the best, or becoming the next Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee,” said Dexter Kennedy, President of the National Martial Arts League (NMAL). “But so far no one, including investors, has yet to reap the rewards this sport can generate when it breaks out of its current limitations.”

The NMAL is poised to propel this exciting sport to a new level by bringing the fragmented martial arts world into organized events culminating in city/state championships across the nation. It provides a controlled scoring environment to standardize competition for male and female martial artists, ages 18 and over.

“This is a true ground-floor opportunity in sports team franchising,” Kennedy said. “Franchises may be owned by an individual, partnership, corporation or existing martial arts school, and each franchise operates autonomously within the NMAL. This is one of the most affordable franchises to own and operate in professional sports today.”

The NMAL is making a powerful move toward professionalizing the sport into state and national-level recognition. It offers the masses another venue choice for spectator entertainment. And, it creates niche market advertising and sponsorship opportunities for corporations and franchises.

Each team develops its own identity and logo, and owns team tryout rights for its defined and protected territory to secure team members, coaches, trainers, etc. The teams compete locally, regionally and nationally with other NMAL teams, like other major league sports.

As a team owner, franchisees are required to support The Kumite’s mission of “making people better for life,” by either establishing a new Kumite Fightclub martial arts studio or converting their existing school to a Kumite Fightclub martial arts instruction and training facility.

Like most martial arts schools, Kumite Fightclubs offer traditional structured white-to-blackbelt certification programs. But, Kumite Fightclubs also provide solution-based programs designed to resolve real community issues, including stress, domestic violence, bullying and obesity.

The Don’t Bully Me Program empowers children and teens who feel threatened by bullies to take a stand by learning positive solutions to resolve conflicts. Other programs include onsite self-defense for businesses, courses that educate women on how to fight back and regain control over domestic violence, health and fitness solutions for child/teen/adult obesity, and a teen social network called TeenScene.

“The NMAL recently conducted a full review of its business model, molding new strategies to better serve the long-term success of the league and franchises,” said Kennedy. “Each year of operation and success will enhance the overall team operation and add value to the teams and franchises.”

For more information, call 866-KUMITE1 or visit http://www.thekumite.com.


    Dexter Kennedy
    804 Danbury Drive
    Columbia, SC 29203
    Phone: 866-586-4831, ext 8031

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