The Brand New Nokia N900

January 25, 2010

WATFORD, England, January 25 /PRNewswire/ — The N900
(http://www.mobiles.co.uk/nokia-n900.html) is the first handset by Nokia to
run on the Maemo operating System.

The Maemo OS allows for multi-tasking, and the user can customise their
homepage with widgets, shortcuts and applications, and new apps can be
downloaded from Maemo Select, which is a dedicated store for the Maemo OS.

This handset is capable of operating at very fast speeds due to a 600MHz
ARM Cortex-A8 processor and 1GB application memory. This results in the
ability to run multiple applications without the performance of the N900
being affected. Users can be reassured that the N900 will always work to its
best potential.

A 3.5 inch WVGA touchscreen is hosted by the Nokia N900, which provides
sharp and vibrant colours resulting in very detailed images on screen. The
touchscreen is very responsive with the use of your finger, and an
accelerometer is built in which changes the screen depending on how the phone
is being held. A proximity sensor is also on board, which puts the display on
standby when the user is on a call.

A slide out QWERTY keyboard makes composing emails, texts and other
messages a lot easier for users. Another advantage of this handset is that
the N900 organises messages from multiple channels so that they appear as one

Connect the Nokia N900 to a Local Wireless Network to get internet
access. This is an easy method to keep in touch by email, and to stay up to
date with all your favourite websites.

A Mozilla technology powered web browser means you can access the
internet from the N900 mobile and the page will look exactly as it does on a
PC. Videos and other interactive applications can run smoothly on the handset
thanks to Adobe Flash 9.4.

HSDPA connection, otherwise known as mobile broadband, allows speeds up
to 10 Mbps which is a similar speed to that of home broadband. Web browsing
and downloads can now be done a lot quicker which is ideal for users with a
very busy lifestyle.

The built in 5.0 megapixel camera offers a lot of quality features to
ensure a fantastic photo is always captured. Autofocus, LED Flash and a Carl
Zeiss Lens all contribute to the success of the image, making this a feature
of the N900 that you can’t get enough of. Share your photos with your friends
either by email or upload them onto blogs. To remember those special moments,
geo-tagging allows you to write when and where your photos were taken, and
any other relevant information you wish. If you want more than just a photo,
use the video capture facility that records 25 frames per second.

A massive 32GB memory ensures enough room to store all of your music,
movies, photos and videos to look back at. If this isn’t enough, an
expandable memory of 16GB is available through use of the microSD card,
taking the total memory up to a potential 48GB.

A-GPS can locate your position up to 100m by using a technique called
triangulation. By sending a signal to three cell masts, A-GPS will work out
your location by the location of the cells and your distance from them. This
is a very handy tool to use if you want reassurance on your travels.

Another handy feature is the email client, where you are able to receive
emails from your personal account. You can also send pictures, texts emails
and videos to any account anywhere in the world. The Nokia N900 can support
up to 10 email accounts so you can easily communicate with the most important
people in your life.

Read more about the Nokia N900 at http://www.mobiles.co.uk/ or view our
other smart phones (http://www.mobiles.co.uk/smartphones.html)

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