‘Awakening the Pharaoh’: How to Avoid World Cataclysm in 2012

January 28, 2010

OTTAWA, Jan. 28 /PRNewswire/ — After doing research from 2001 through 2006, author Andrew Wojcikiewicz has learned how and why “Awakening the Pharaoh” (published by AuthorHouse) is the way to save the world from itself.

In May of 2001, Wojcikiewicz was in Poland when he heard the story of “The Lady Called Life.” Because his master’s thesis was in the area of hypnosis, he conducted several hypnotic sessions with Mrs. Lucyna Lobos and discovered she had information on the Great Pyramid and the whereabouts of the tomb of the pharaoh Cheops. Cheops is said to have built the Great Pyramid.

Wojcikiewicz writes:

        I know. I know my Way. I have found it. I am to help find the Tomb.
        Now I can see the building of the Pyramid, because Cheops is still
        alive. He is directing the construction... He and Juno. They direct
        the people helping in the construction work... they are good for
        them... Cheops and Juno are friends of the White Brethren. In fact, it
        is the White Brethren who are building the Pyramid. They have come
        from Orion, from the planet Ashun. They are very tall and beautiful.
        They wear one-piece garments, closely covering their bodies. On their
        heads, they have helmets. I see them; they have such good eyes. I
        would like to dream like this all my life. I feel so much warmth and

The reader will discover how the pyramids came to be, why they are key to the Earth’s salvation and why the earth should be “Awakening the Pharaoh.”

About the Author

Andrew Wojcikiewicz was born in Warsaw, Poland and is currently living in Ottawa. He is married with two children. He received his masters of science degrees, one from the Physical Education Academy in Warsaw and the other from University of Ottawa in physical education and sport psychology.

He plays piano and speaks six languages. He enjoys movies and writes to many people around the world. He is involved with archeological studies and presides as the president of the Foundation for the Support of Archaeological Research “Dar Swiatowida,” which is financing excavation in Egypt.

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