Super Bowl 2010 Ads & Commercials Sneak Peek by Rosebudmag.com

February 5, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 5 /PRNewswire/ — Want to see the top Super Bowl 2010 ads and commercials before the big game? Go to www.rosebudmag.com to see more Super Bowl 2010 ads and commercials than anywhere else.

The line-up includes commercials from Doritos, Budweiser, GoDaddy.com, Volkswagen, and a controversial advocacy ad featuring an anti-abortion college football quarterback and his mother!

CBS says it sold 30-second spots during the Indianapolis Colts-New Orleans Saints contest for $2.4-2.8 million. This is slightly below previous year’s levels, but CBS says it sold out all spots for Super Bowl 2010 ads and commercials.

According to rosebudmag.com web magazine publisher Michael Straumietis, his website aims to have the complete line-up of top Super Bowl 2010 ads and commercials so people can view them all in one place.

Rosebudmag.com is one of the web’s hottest magazines. It’s the online version of one of the most successful print magazine launches in recent years.

The print version’s inaugural cover features Weeds star Justin Kirk. The next issue features a cover story on Oscar-winning documentarian Michael Moore. Next up is Viggo Mortensen, then Brad Pitt.

“The webzine and the print magazine provide exclusive information on sports, health, sex, gaming, music, movies and the hydroponics lifestyle,” says Straumietis, who is co-founder of Advanced Nutrients, an international hydroponics nutrients and equipment manufacturer.

“We always provide the most timely fun and information for our readers,” he continues, “and that’s why we’re working to have the most complete sneak peek line-up of Super Bowl 2010 ads and commercials.”

What to look for? Coca-Cola’s ad shows The Simpsons’ billionaire Mr. Burns losing his fortune due to economic hard times. GoDaddy.com has racecar driver Danica Patrick getting a little racy.

In other commercials, Dr. Pepper features a group of Kiss mini-me’s, while Volkswagen shows people playing a game in which they punch each other every time they see a Volkswagen on the road.

“Not only will rosebudmag.com give you a sneak peek of the best 2010 Super Bowl ads and commercials,” Straumietis advises. “You will want to stay tuned to our webzine because after Super Bowl 2010, we will show you all the Super Bowl ads and commercials, including the many outrageous banned ads and commercials.”

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