‘Tornado Attack’s’ Driver Steve Green Back in Action

February 11, 2010

CANTON, Ohio, Feb. 11 /PRNewswire/ — Steve Green’s famous for stalking and conquering a tornado in his famed “Tornado Attack Vehicle” in a field nearly six years ago, but that feat pales in comparison to his next mission. The 49-year-old Green, a former NASCAR driver, is planning to elevate his adrenaline level to even greater height in 2010 by walking into a tornado – and surviving to tell the tale.

“Are you serious?” is the first question that comes to mind for the skeptics questioning the wisdom of voluntarily entering a tornado sporting wind speeds up to 160 mph. The reason, according to Green, is a simple one. It’s never been done before.

That’s the same logic that propelled Green to fame as a tornado hunter after driving into a twister June 12, 2004 in Mulvane, Kansas. He was carried into the battle aboard his customized vehicle equipped with a 700-horsepower V-8 and enough impact-resistant material to test even a Baghdad street. That act of courage was witnessed and filmed by Discovery’s Storm Chaser Reed Timmer, then serving as Green’s Tornado Attack meteorologist.

“I’m planning to walk into a tornado’s path. It’s not an act of suicide or a measure of blind faith. Nobody else has ever done anything like this to my knowledge,” said Green. “I really like going where no one else has been, but that’s not my entire reason for attempting this feat. It’s really a matter of having fun in life – probably some of the same thoughts that people like Chuck Yeager, Charles Lindbergh, Neal Armstrong had.”

Make no mistake. Green’s placing his fate in the hands of cutting-edge technology blended together in his own tailor-made bulletproof suit. Returning to his racing roots, Green has even tested the ballistic-resistant suit in a North Carolina wind tunnel. He’s planning to enter a tornado this season, when conditions are ideal.

“When Steve told me about his latest plan, I asked him if he was planning to wear an altimeter, to measure his height off the ground. He didn’t think that was very funny,” said Pat Beattie, Green’s crew chief and fellow tornado hunter. “I was joking with him. You don’t put anything past Steve because he will do it. Years ago when he said he planned to drive into a tornado, he was laughed at. He blew all his doubters away.”

Green’s announcement arrives days before a mid-February storm-chasing convention held in Denver, Colorado. The timing isn’t accidental. Green hopes his intentions will generate enthusiasm and anticipation in storm-chasing circles for the scientific data to be gained.

Wearing cameras mounted on his helmet, wrist and chest, Green will offer a live streaming video while collecting pressure, temperature and other weather data.

Learn more about Green’s endeavors at http://www.meetstevegreen.com

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About Steve Green – From his world-changing energy plan to NASCAR racing, Steve Green has lived a life of adventure. A Canton, Ohio resident, Green passionately strives for paradigm-shifting achievements having the potential to save the planet. For more information, contact Green via e-mail: greenseq@aol.com


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