Valentine’s Day Love Is Strengthened by Self-Esteem Nature and Earth Attraction Activity

February 12, 2010

SAN JUAN ISLAND, Wash., Feb. 12 /PRNewswire/ — A holistic, nature and earth connection Valentine’s Day activity for building self-esteem and self-worth is online as a public service by Akamai University and Project NatureConnect at the Institute of Global Education.

The subtle, sense-heightening activity enables individuals, as well as teachers, counselors and therapists, to connect with more than 50 natural attraction energies. These supportive, nurturing attachments to an essence of life help us increase our self-image because we are children of Mother Nature and citizens of our living planet community.

The director of Project NatureConnect, Dr. Michael Cohen, says, “We seldom recognize that the powerful natural attractions that hold the world together register in us as our natural senses. They are lasting universal Valentines, forms of love that are too often missing in contemporary society.”

“The Valentine activity enjoyably interlaces our attractions for each other and ourselves with the balanced and beautiful unifying processes of nature, in and around us,” notes Cohen. “Doing the activity helps us peacefully strengthen our bonds of love for life that may be desensitized or broken by the excessive or exploitive ways of the industrial world. Doing this activity adds strengthening energies to our Valentines.”

An individual engaged in the Valentine activity wrote:

“And, now it has come, small snow flakes have connected to form large swirling flakes that dance and jump in the breeze like popcorn bursting up from a popper. My soul needs this.

“I love winter because it creates magical, white, crystal, beauty reaching to the sky. I love winter because the sunlight glistens and renews hope and faith … because, in the midst of the cold, I can feel warmth … because bird songs remind me that life is worth living. I love winter because the falling snow leaps and dances with joy renewing all it touches.

“I am part of nature. The winter tells me that I love myself because I adore magical, white, crystal, beauty reaching to the sky. I love myself because my light glistens and renews hope and faith… because in the midst of the cold, I can feel warmth and bring warmth to others… because my songs remind me that life is worth living. I love myself because I leap and dance with joy renewing all that I touch.

“Wow! Is that woman I describe really myself? I kinda left her behind in the midst of having to live up to something that wasn’t really me. I see her now. I welcome her now. I give her time to rest now. I give her thanks for glistening. I give her permission to dance. So very magical! I am a person who glistens and lifts others that I love with my light.”

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