Beth Collins Named 2009 Groomer of the Year

February 12, 2010

NEW YORK, Feb. 12 /PRNewswire/ — Beth Collins will be recognized on February 13, 2010 as the 2009 Groomer of the Year by Cardinal® Laboratories at the 55th Annual Purina® Pro Plan® Show Dogs of the Year® Awards, presented by Dogs In Review®, in New York City.

Beth Collins, Nationally Certified Master Groomer, has been showing dogs since 1982, starting with Afghan Hounds, which remain her number one breed today. In addition to grooming and showing many Champion and SBIS Afghan Hounds, she has shown and groomed Champion Standard Poodles, a Best in Specialty Show winning Lhasa Apso, among others. One of the Afghans she currently owns was consistently in the Top 5 for several years. Collins has also been involved in pet grooming competitions, winning Best Groomed Dog in Show with an American Cocker at the New England Pet Grooming Professionals pet grooming competition. She currently breeds and shows Afghans under the registered kennel name Taza in Cloquet, Minnesota. She shares her talents openly and believes that teaching others her skills is of the utmost importance.

The Cardinal® Crystal Grooming Achievement Show Dog Groomer of the Year Award recognizes an extraordinary individual who has set a high standard of outstanding achievements in the grooming profession. As the leader in the professional grooming industry, Cardinal® Laboratories is proud to share a passion and enthusiasm for dogs.

In addition to Beth Collins’ award, the Show Dogs of the Year dinner will recognize the seven showdogs with the greatest number of Group Firsts in 2009, most of whom are going on to compete at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show next week. Along with those dogs, there will be Special Industry Awards honoring individuals whose dedication to the dog world is incomparable.

These individuals will be honored for heightening public awareness of canine well-being and to elevating respect for the industry at large. Awards include Groomer of the Year, Veterinarian of the Year, Shelter of the Year and Trainer of the Year.

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About Cardinal® Laboratories

Founded in 1948, Los Angeles-based Cardinal® was originally a health and beauty product manufacturer, a segment of business that the company continues today. Pet care products were added almost from the beginning when salesmen realized that many women were grooming their show dogs with products supplied by their beauty shops – or beauty salons were actually grooming dogs in the back room with the same products they used up front!

Cardinal®‘s research and development labs produce technologically advanced grooming products. Cardoplex(TM), introduced in 2006, represented a breakthrough in grooming shampoos. Cardoplex became the basis for exciting advancements in dog shampoos that wash, rinse and dry faster than others, meaning less stress for pets and more time and money for groomers!

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